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Welcome to this online catalogue of reviews.

To facilitate finding the report you are looking for please be aware of the two types of statutory quality reviews that are available here. Whilst both types concern themselves with standards and quality in third level institutions they differ in the body that has conducted the review. This is outlined under each option.

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The statutory reviews listed here have been organised by the Universities (assisted by external reviewers).* The reviews listed here have been organised by the Irish Universities Quality Board.**

These statutory reviews of academic and administrative departments are organised by the Universities with the assistance of independent external reviewers. Where appropriate, recommendations for improvement are included.

The reports are available on the respective website of each University. IUQB is not involved in these quality review processes.

Links to each of the Universities' websites can be found here


IUQB is currently engaged in reviewing the Universities under its Institutional Reviews of Irish Universities (IRIU) process.
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2009/10 - 2012/13

These reviews are organised by IUQB and seek to evaluate the effectiveness of the Irish universities’ internal quality review system. These quality reviews take place every 5-6 years. IUQB is an independent body.